Mouthing Around: Vancouver, BC

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These two dogs were playing around. Both are under one year old. The white female French Bulldog was throwing herself on her back and the other dog would keep on mouthing (small biting). It looked like they were never hurting each other. They played biting each other for about fifteen minutes. The white French Bulldog would get up and then again chase the other dog, throw herself on her back and…

2 dogs mouthing

Two Dogs Mouthing Around: Vancouver, BC

My dog, Dodoïte, wants to play-bite with me. I just don’t like it, it hurts! He knows that I don’t like it, so he starts and then catches himself before actually biting me. I had to teach him the “soft bite”. I ‘yelped’, I pouted, left and he didn’t get his biscuit. It took him only twice to figure that I’m not ‘his chew toy’. He has his own.