Milo Runs & Runs: Vancouver, BC

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chocoloate labador retriever chasing after the ball

Lab chasing after the ball

Milo runs and he runs. He prefers chasing balls to anything else, even to its food or treats.

He will skip his meal and any treat to chase a ball. It’s not a specific ball, it’s any ball. Somehow he has no interest in Frisbees or sticks. He’s only interested in balls.

He will run way past the point of exhaustion, so his owners had to:

  • Cut down on his running.
  • Bring him home at least an hour before his meal time so he can calm down and eat his meal.
  • Make him wait at least an hour after his meal or he will ‘throw up’ during the chase.

BTW 1, Labrador Retrievers, like their name imply, are bred to run after something and to bring it back. The problem with many retriever dogs is that they don’t want to ‘give it back’. They captured it, they keep it, it’s theirs…

BTW 2, Many Labrador Retrievers have teeth problems because of the tennis balls. Tennis balls are extremely abrasive and wear the teeth down to the point where the older dogs have no teeth left.


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