I Am Milo and I Am an Addict

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dog chasing the ball

I Am Milo and I Am an Addict

Hi, my name is Milo. I’m one year old and I’m an addict!’ That’s how Milo introduces himself at ‘Doggies Anonymous’.

This is Milo and he chases balls. He doesn’t care about the ball, he only cares about chasing the ball. It’s not that he doesn’t want treats or food, he will eat them but he doesn’t care. Many times, he’s even dropped and abandoned his food to chase…

Look at the eyes, he’s chasing the ball and nothing else exists in the world. His focus is 100% on the ball. Isn’t it what they call enlightenment in Zen Buddhism?

After an hour of chasing the ball, he is so tired, that he sleeps the rest of the day.

For Milo, people are divided into two groups:

  1. Useful people
  2. Useless people

He goes to somebody and drops the ball at their feet. If the person throws the ball for him, that person is useful. If the person ignores the ball then that person is useless and he moves to the next one…


Camera: Canon 7D ISO 500 and 1/200
Lens: Canon 70-200mm f/4 @106mm and f/7.1
Processed with ART 1.8.3: https://bitbucket.org/agriggio/art/wiki/Home/