Man and Dog Walking: Vancouver, BC

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Man and Dog Walking: Vancouver, BC

Man and Dog Walking: Vancouver, BC

Most often when people walk with their dogs, they walk in sync. This means that if the person’s left foot is forward, the dog’s left front leg will be forward.

This only works when the dog is walking with the owner, like in this photo. This almost never works when the dogs are on ‘those fishing lines’, that’s these leashes that extend and retract. With the retractable leashes, the dog doesn’t walk with the person. The person just tries to control where the dog goes, but most of the times they fail.

The main reason why I do not like the ‘fishing line’ leash is that most of the bonding, between the person and the dog, happens during the walk. The bonding between man and dog doesn’t happen with the ‘fishing line’ leash because the walk is not as walk with the dog and their human. It’s not a walk, instead it’s a fight between the person and the dog about who controls the leash.

The leash has two purposes:

  1. Make sure that the dog and their human have a walk together
  2. Protect the dog from getting into “less than safe” situations


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