Maddie on Things

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Maddie the Coon in a trunk full of biscuits

Maddie the Coon in a trunk full of biscuits

This is Maddie. Maddie is a Coon. She is the ‘famous’ Maddie the Coon. The photograph was made by Theron Humphrey and his website is Theron Humphrey is a photographer and post photographs of Maddie on a daily basis. This photograph is at:

This photo is amazing! It’s not just Maddie the Coon but let’s examine the situation.

  • There are thousands and thousands of biscuits. How many thousands? Tens, hundreds of thousands of biscuits. These car trunks are huge. Or is there some blankets underneath? Hopefully, the biscuits were provided/paid by one of his sponsor.

  • When I look at all the biscuits, I do not see any broken biscuit. Somebody had to check. When Maddie jumped into the trunk, she did it so carefully as not to break any biscuit? Think about the amount of work involved.

  • Then Theron had to make sure that Maddie didn’t eat or touch the biscuits and look at the camera. By the way, Maddie never looks at the camera, her eyes are always closed.

  • How many dogs would ignore your instructions of waiting? I know that Ethelbert, my previous dog, wouldn’t care about my instructions and he would stuff himself…

I really love this photo. This is not a ‘snapshot’. It took a great idea to start with and it took time to make it happen from getting the car (notice how clean is the car, not only the exterior but also the top of the backseat, the car must be brand new), to getting the biscuits…

BTW, I asked for Theron’s authorization which he very graciously provided.