Lunging for Treats: Vancouver, BC

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dog lunging for treats

Dog Lunging for Treats

Last year, Liz went for a winter vacation to Mexico and she found this dog. She fell in love with this dog and adopted her.

Her dog is always hungry. She’s very nice, except when it comes to food. She’ll bite anybody including Liz when it comes to her food. So Liz is teaching her how to calm down with treats. It’s a work in progress, shall we say…

That’s why Liz is keeping her hand open, so her dog doesn’t bite it when she takes the treat.

BTW1, Liz’s dog doesn’t like to wear a collar. Since Liz and her dog live just across the park, they can walk there without the leash/collar.

BTW2, I asked for the dog’s name but since I didn’t write it down, I forgot (oops) but it was some Spanish name.


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