I Love my Golden Retriever: Vancouver, BC

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'i love my golden retriever' sticker

I Love my Golden Retriever’ sticker

Somebody had a sticker: “I Love my Golden Retriever” on their car. It was an old Ford Focus, semi-rusted and starting to fall apart. The sticker must not be that old since it’s still white but somewhat peeling. The car is starting to rust and some of the paint is already peeling.

I’ve seen that car on regular basis, but I’ve never seen the owner nor her Golden Retriever. Why do say her? Because, most likely it’s a woman that owns this old Ford Focus:

  1. In North America, the vast majority of the Ford Focus owners are women.
  2. The majority of people putting stickers on their cars about something are women, unless it’s religion (which is very different from the frame on license plates that says: “I’d rather be…” those license plate frames are presents to men).


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