Lola is a Whippet. She belongs to the same family as the Greyhounds. Lola and her owner go for a jog everyday.

Her owner wasn’t in jogging until she got Lola. She stopped her running to talk with me and to take a break from their jog.

Lola Whippet Jogging: Vancouver, BC

Lola: Vancouver, BC

They’ were running Whippets, for dog racing, long before the running Greyhounds. Originally, Whippets were Greyhounds that were too small. The breeders would have to maim them so they couldn’t hunt. Then, later, the breeders started to bred these smaller Greyhounds and they became the Whippets. Very rich people and nobility would own Whippets for the racing until people started racing the Greyhounds. Now the Whippets are companions that love to run and hunt rats or rabbits.