Lizzy: Vancouver, BC

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9 month puppy

Lizzy: Vancouver, BC

Lizzy, is the short for Elizabeth. She’s a 9 month puppy and she’s already a ‘terror’.

She doesn’t look like a terror right now. It’s only because there are strangers around (like me) but then she quickly forgets… After that she starts ripping things, chewing branches, furniture, books… Who knows what she’ll destroy next. There are two big problems:

  1. The home (her apartment) is getting destroyed.
  2. It’s dangerous. She swallows the chard of woods. It’s never been bad enough to take her to the vet but Bab (her owner) is worried.

For puppies chewing is an important part of the teething. That’s why having Antlers is a good idea. Dogs will always prefer the antlers to the furniture.

Two weeks after telling Bab about the antlers, I saw Lizzy chewing on Deer antlers when I came to deliver her photos.


Camera: Canon 7D ISO 160 and 1/320
Lens: Canon 70-200L-IS f/4 @200mm and f/5
Processed with ART 1.9.3: