Lisa, the Greyhound: Vancouver, BC

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old greyhound with foot injury

Older Greyhound With Foot Injury

Lisa is an older Greyhound from a racing track in Mexico. She’s had a foot injury during one of her races and that ended her ‘racing career’. She was transferred from Tijuana to Los Angeles for adoption, then from the US to Canada where she went through Edmonton Alberta and finally, she came to Vancouver BC.

Most of her transformation from a caged dog except for the races to becoming a couch potato living with Jack and his wife Lizzy (not to confuse with Lisa the Greyhound) happened in Edmonton, Alberta where she spent almost 6 month to become “civilized.”

Now, she’s basically a ‘couch potato.’ She ignores people and any other non-Greyhound dogs. But occasionally they go to Greyhound meetups. and Lisa, the Greyhound, becomes a social butterfly…

When I said that Lisa was a ‘couch potato’, it wasn’t a figure of speech. She took possession of the couch and lay on it the whole day except for the meals and the walks. Occasionally she will move a little bit to allow one person to sit on the end of the couch, but that’s only occasionally.


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