Let’s Get Mooving: Vancouver, BC

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Dog pulling hard during the walk

Dog pulling hard during the walk

Let’s get ‘mooving’. The dog has to pull her owner.

Actually, I don’t think that we can say who’s owning who. The lady legally owns the dog, but the dog is definitely in charge and owns his human.

The problem is not that the dog is ahead of the human, that’s OK that’s the job of the ‘scout’ to be ahead and warn the ‘troops’ of any possible danger.

Here, the problem is that the dog is exactly in front the human and pulling it, just like a dead weight…

In the doggie world, there’s always a boss. Any new situation, like another dog or another person, their first question is:

Who’s the boss?

The boss is the dog/person in front and directing everybody/dog or the dog/person in the middle and separating the various proponents of the encounter. The dog or the person hiding behind another is never the boss.

BTW, somebody holding the leash and pulling back on the leash is never the boss since they are hiding behind. For dogs, size doesn’t matter.

  1. Make your dog carry some kind of backpack load with water…
  2. Don’t go to your dog, let your dog come to you.
  3. The dog can only go in or out of your place with your authorization (it’s not a cat).
  4. Make your dog work for his food, toys or affection. Sit, down, or make him wait.


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