Koda Giving Me the Eye, Iqaluit, NU

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husky in iqaluit, nunavut

Koda, Husky, Iqaluit, NU

Koda is a Husky and German Shepherd mix. He has the eyes and the build of the Husky but the fur, ears and face of a German Shepherd. It must be cold for him in the fall, winter and spring. Does he have a double coat of fur to protect him, I hope so but I don’t know. I didn’t try to pet him. Never approach dogs in the arctic without the owner being present and guiding the dog. It would be too dangerous…

Look at the blue piercing eyes. This is not a relaxed dog, but a dog paying attention and ready to become “on guard” if needed.

Like almost all the other dogs in Iqaluit, he’s tied up and sleeps outside. Huskies have a double coat that protects them from the -50°C blizzards.

BTW 1: The photograph is straight and leveled. You can see it from the blue pillar of the house at the back of the photo.

BTW 2: Look at the colours and the light. I actually had to reduce the saturation of the colours. This is due to the fact that Iqaluit, Nunavut is just below the polar circle (that’s where there is 24 hours days light in the summer and 24 hours night in the winter.) The light coming though so much atmosphere and the low level of air pollution make the light ethereal.


Camera: Canon EOS 7D ISO 200 and 1/800
Lens: Canon EF70-200mm f/4L IS USM @160mm and f/4
Processed with ART 1.8.2: https://bitbucket.org/agriggio/art/wiki/Home/