Kayo: World Champion, Vancouver, BC

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3 legged dog

Kayo: World Champion

I was looking after Kayo for a week, and I noticed that the walks took a long time. Kayo has only one back leg, so you’d think that it’s because he’s hopping. Nooo! Not Kayo.

Kayo peed on every bush! Some people would think that ‘every bush’ is a figure of speech, not for Kayo! After a couple of days, I started counting. He peed 69 times in less than one hour and that was only for a 3 blocks walk.

He didn’t just pee. First, Kayo needed to sniff the bush. He had to sniff that bush from every angle: front, back, underneath, on top… If there was another angle, he would find it, then he had to turn around to be in the ‘correct’ position and pee. Not a big pee, just a few drops, then the next bush…

There should be a World Guinness Book of Records entry for most pees in an hour, Kayo would be a world champion and I’m convinced he could even win the Olympics.


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