Kathe with an Abandoned Papillon Dog

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Kathe, a good friend of ours, found this little Papillon Dog in the forest not far from her ranch. Somebody took her to the forest and left her. The surprising part was that the dog was well taken care of, groomed and fed, so…

I like this photo of Kathe because it totally represents her. She is self effacing, but always ready to help and cannot resist an abandoned dog. Kathe is the person that is currently looking after Ethelbert and called us when Dodoïte was abandoned at her ranch.

Kathe with Abandoned Papillon

Kathe with Abandoned Papillon


Camera: Pentax K20D ISO 400 and 1/125
Lens: Pentax 50-140DA* f/2.8 @103mm and f/7.1
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