Jogging in Sync: West Vancouver, BC

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jogger and his dog running exactly in sync

Jogger and his dog running exactly in sync

I like how both the jogger and his dog are running exactly in sync. The dog was working very hard to follow exactly the speed of the owner. Not in front, not behind, exactly to his side. Both the jogger and his dog are relaxed.

It takes a lot of training and practice to get to that point.

It’s hard to find a “good” running partner. A partner that never say: “No! not today. I don’t feel like it…” and a partner that never complains…

As long as your dog can run… Not all dogs can run and I’m not just talking a Chihuahuas, my dog can’t run. 10 steps and he’s beat. That’s it. He’s a furry Basset Hound and he grew up in a cage in a garage. He can’t run. He can walk, a 20 km walk is not a problem for him, but running? Forget it.


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