Jogging with Huskies: Vancouver, BC

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Jogging with 2 Huskies

Jogging with 2 Huskies

Many people jog on the weekend, especially on the Vancouver Seawall.

Often, I see people jogging with their dog but with two Huskies? Never before.

Actually Huskies are great for jogging, since they love to run in a group. Their only problem is the heat… but this was in the early spring and in the morning of a fairly cloudy day, as you can see from the shadow underneath the dogs and the joggers.

Look at how hard these Huskies are working. It’s difficult to be exactly at the same level as their owner. The leash is short but not tight. The guy must have been jogging for a while because he was sweating profusely, the dogs were not even panting…

Huskies are not fast running but they are very long distance running dogs. It’s not a stretch for them to run between 100 and 150 kilometers/day (60 to 100 miles/day).


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