Jogging Along: Vancouver, BC

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The lady is running with her dog along the famed Vancouver Seawall. She runs, her dog follows. she has the leash tied to her waist and also clipped to a Halti, the collar around the muzzle.

The job of the Halti is make the dog pull less hard. A dog doesn’t have much strength on their nose and the Halti owner is supposed to pull sideways to remind the dog not to pull.

dog jogging with both leash and halti

Jogging: Vancouver, BC

I had to use a Halti with my first dog. He pulled so hard that he tore some of my shoulder muscles. Even with the Halti, he could pull hard. He twisted his neck slightly and locked the Halti then he could pull like a maniac, so I had the leash go around my hip and lock the leash with a small knot. It took him 10 years to learn not to pull.

My current dog, Dodoïte, doesn’t need one. He pulls a little bit, but not too much. His problem is that one moment is on my left, the next moment he’s on my right, left, right… all the time. He does that because he’s using me as his shield.