Jake — The Scottie: Vancouver, BC

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scottish terrier

Jake — The Scottie: Vancouver, BC

Jake, a Scottish Terrier (I can hear in my head “Beam me up, Scottie”), is very possessive. That’s his, whatever, it’s his. Don’t mess with him. Short and stubborn. Jake’s problem is that he wants people to throw HIS ball so he can chase it, but he won’t give the ball for you to throw it.

His dilemma is: I don’t want to share MY ball but I need somebody to throw MY ball away so I can chase it and catch it. So what’s a dog to do?

Scottish Terriers used to be very popular in 1930s and the 1940s. Nowadays, it’s quite rare to see a Scottie. I guess that it’s because they are quite stubborn, difficult to train, and full of energy. The energy has to go somewhere often into digging…


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