Italian Greyhound: Vancouver, BC

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Italian Greyhound

Italian Greyhound: Vancouver, BC

I like the Italian Greyhounds, aka the IGGYs. I like all Greyhound type of dogs. They are smart, agile, great house dogs and run like…

It turns out that the Italian Greyhounds are not related to the Greyhounds. The “experts” don’t know where they come from but Iggys were very popular with Kings and Queens, from Mary, Queen of Scots, to Queen Victoria and Catherine the Great…

The long nose is not for sniffing but for cooling the ‘beast’ during the running. They hunt by sight.

Look at these big, huge, bulging eyes. This is what makes then look friendly while people are afraid of Pitbulls. This is mostly because Pitbulls have big head and very small eyes. Their eyes are mostly black.


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