In Control: Vancouver, BC

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dog controlling the walk

Dog in Control of the Walk

This dog stopped, sat down, and refused to go any further even when her owner was pulling and wheeling in the leash (it was one of these fishing line…).

I don’t know if the dog was confused by me, kneeling on the ground with my camera or by my dog who was patiently waiting behind me.

She looked and looked, then I left. After leaving, I turned around to take a quick look, then she decided to go back on her walk.

BTW, this is her walk, she was not walking with her owner. She decided and the owner followed along. She was walking directly in front of her owner about 8 to 10 ft in front.


Camera: Canon 70D ISO 100 and 1/160
Lens: Canon 70-200L/f4 @127mm and f/6.3
Processed with Darktable 2.4: