How to Stare Politely: Whistler, BC

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australian sheppard staring politely

How to Stare Politely: Whistler, BC

Dogs do not want to stare at somebody or at another dog. For them, staring is an act of aggression. It’s the same in many Asian cultures. So back to the question, how can a dog look at somebody straight into the eyes without showing any aggression?

Minie’s answer: the blank stare. It’s not just Minie but almost all dogs will do the same. She’s not looking at me, she’s more looking through me to what’s behind me. BTW it’s also one of the best things to do when being photographed by somebody.

This is completely different from the “Hard Eye” in dogs. “Hard eyes” is usually the sign of troubles. It’s how a dog warns somebody or another dog. It’s usually a dog saying: “If you keep on doing this…”

Every 3 to 4 weeks, Minnie goes to the groomer. Every day, her owner spends about half an hour brushing her and filing her toenails.


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