Henry at the Park: Vancouver, BC

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Henry is a 9 weeks old French Bulldog. His attention span is measured in tens of a second. Anybody makes an ‘Ooh’ or an ‘Aah’ and he thinks that it’s people that like him so he’s run there.

He’s stubborn, untrainable (almost). When he’s really happy, he can’t swallow his own saliva so he starts to drool, then he shakes and sends the drool flying… Luckily, he doesn’t fart too much.

9 weeks old french bulldog

Henry is a 9 Weeks Old French Bulldog: Vancouver, BC

The Bulldogs come from the ancient Greek times. The bulldogs were crossed with Terriers and/or Pugs in England and we got the French Bulldogs. Why call them French Bulldogs when they were bred in England? It’s because they became very popular in France in the early/mid 1800s (just after the French Revolution, Napoleon…).