What’s the Harness For?

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dog with collar and harness

Dog With Collar and Harness

This dog has a harness and neck collar. His leash is not attached to the harness but to the collar.

Often people will have the collar with the name tag, the phone number and the dog license and then the leash is attached to the harness.

I have never seen a harness like that, it could be a harness for pulling but…

BTW for dog shows like the Westminster Kennel Club dog show in New York, which is the equivalent to the world championships in the doggy world, people do not use a harness but just a small thin round leash that doesn’t go around the neck, but goes at the base of the head which is called: the Craniovertebral Junction and that’s where the head and the neck meet. This is the perfect position for a leash, especially if the dog pulls.


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