Another Hard Working Doggy: Vancouver, BC

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dog guarding the entrance of the kitchen

Doggy guarding the entrance of the kitchen

This is another hard working doggy. It doesn’t look like it, but he’s waiting for his biscuit. He’s owed a biscuit but his owner is “derelict” in his duties of providing the biscuit immediately.

He’s laying there at the top of the stairs to make sure that nobody can pass by and forget that he is owed a biscuit. He’s more a COD (cookie on delivery) doggy than credit. He doesn’t like the concept of credit with or without interest. It’s: I did my work, pay me now!

He looks like a German Sheppard puppy, but in fact he’s 13 years old. You can see it from all the white on his muzzle. He’s the size of the 9 month German Sheppard puppy but “slicker”. He’s half German Sheppard, half Whippet (that’s the smaller Greyhounds) and he’s also a half Pointer (yes, there are at least 3 halves in this dog.)


Camera: Canon 7D ISO 200 and 1/13
Lens: Canon 70-200mm f/4 @150mm and f/7.1
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