Happily Going: Vancouver, BC

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dog happily walking

Happily Going: Vancouver, BC

He is so happy to be going, wherever he is going. I don’t know where he is going but he is happy.

How do i know when my dog is happy?

  • It could be when he wags his tail? Not always, if my dog wags his tail and raises his tail, he’s thinking about attacking! If he’s just wagging his tail, then he’s happy.
  • It could be about how excited he is when I come home. This works every time…
  • It could be when he smiles? The mouth open, the tongue sticking out. Not always, often this is because he’s too hot…
  • For me, it’s the eyes. I read my dog, just like he reads me. His eyes tell me everything I need to know. There’s the expression that the eyes are the door to the soul. I think that it also applies to cats and dogs. I use to have a cat for 15 years, it was the same with him. The eyes told me everything, including when he was “going crzy” and be ready to attack any that moved…


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