Guarding the Pickup Truck: Vancouver, BC

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dog guarding the truck

Guarding the Pickup Truck: Vancouver, BC

This Chihuahua is guarding the pickup truck. Kind of…

He’s alone in the truck, he’s in charge. There’s nobody else to do the job of protecting the truck. He kind of tries: a couple of timid barks and then the final bark was just a whimper.

This Chihuahua was scared of me, but somehow he still he managed to find the courage of showing the flag.

Not only did he show the flag, but he protected the truck from the terrible invader with the monster eye, aka me and my camera. The whole time, he kept an eye (actually both eyes) on me. Not once did he go and hide under the seat in the hope that the “trespasser” (me) would go away.

He did his job and should be commended for that, but his owner will never know since I left before s/he came back to the pickup truck.


Camera: Canon 7D ISO 100 and 1/200
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