Greyhound Rescue: West Vancouver, BC

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greyhound rescue

Bingo, a Greyhound rescue

Bingo is a Greyhound rescue from Tijuana, Mexico. She only raced for a couple of years. She wasn’t fast enough so the “race people” got rid of her. The Greyhound rescue took her under their umbrella and eventually she ended in Canada. After 5 years, she still has problems with Canada and the West Coast.

  1. It’s Canada and the winters are harsh. She doesn’t like the cold.
  2. It’s the Pacific Northwest and we get rain from the Alaska Panhandle and from Hawaii, aka the Pineapple Express. And Bingo doesn’t like the rain.

Bingo is a very nice dog but she’s not a happy dog. She likes dry and warm summers. About once per week, there’s a Meetup for Greyhounds where they have large enclosed field and they can let the dogs run. If not, the Greyhounds are always on a leash.


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