Got the Ball: West Vancouver, BC

category: Dogs • 1 min read

dog with his ball

I have the ball, I don’t have to run anymore

I have the ball, I don’t have to run anymore.”

Doesn’t this look like a dog satisfied with himself? He’s accomplished his job, he earned his keep.

I’ve tried to teach my dog to fetch and bring back the ball. It was a total failure! First, I tried in the house:

  1. Throw the ball in the living room. That worked.
  2. Get him to chase after the ball. That kind of worked.
  3. Get the ball. That worked.
  4. He takes the ball and gives me a dirty look and walks back to “his toys” to put the ball back.

I also tried throwing the ball at the park. A total failure, he wouldn’t go and chase the ball, so I gave up.


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