The Glare: Vancouver, BC

category: Dogs • 1 min read

This Chocolate Labrador gave me the glare. It wasn’t his fault but his owner’s. She seemed displeased that I took a photo of her dog. She saw me for far ahead, I’m not discreet.

The glare from a chocolate Labrador

The Glare: Vancouver, BC

  1. I kneel on the ground
  2. I have my dog with me
  3. My camera is not a small camera and the lens is “serious lens”, according to somebody else. It’s a 70-200mm lens.
  4. I’m only about 5 meters/15 feet away from them
  5. The camera is clearly aimed at the dog.

He saw me at least 45 second before her and he was OK with me kneeling on the ground until she started to frown and she gave me the “dirty look”.