Georgia is a fake! Georgia was supposed to be a Labradoodle and her owners paid the full price.

Labradoodles are supposed to be a cross between Labradors and Poodles, so people can get the character of the Labrador with the hypo-allergenic qualities of the Poodle. It doesn’t always work that way…

Georgia, a labradoodle: Vancouver, BC

Georgia, a Labradoodle: Vancouver, BC

Georgia, which slightly more than a year old and she’s not a real Labradoodle. She’s a fake. There is no Labrador in her… Her owners got her DNA tested and the Labrador was ‘missing in action’. (I forgot to ask why they got her DNA tested).

Instead of the Labrador, there’s some Old English Sheep Dog and ‘something else’.

She’s obsessed with running after the ball. Show her the ball and she stops eating and is ready to run after it.