Gene Pool Problems

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bulldog, profile view


There are Bulldogs and there are bulldogs. At this point, it’s very rare to see a Bulldog on the “doggy circuit”, the big dog shows/competitions, like the famous Westminster Kennel Club…

Now, most of the Bulldog breeds must pass a veterinary check-up to prove that they are healthy. They check for some basic capabilities such as breathing and walking… The problem is that many of the Bulldogs and the Pugs, especially the English Bulldogs, do not pass the vet test before these competitions.

The Bulldogs are so inbred that it looks like the gene pool is too small at this point to “save the breed”

Bulldogs “look terrible”. What an ugly face, but what a great character. It’s the character that endears the Bulldog to their owners. Bulldogs used to be killing machines, now they are excellent family and house dogs.


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