Freida, the Whippet: Vancouver, BC

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Freida, the Whippet: Vancouver, BC

Frieda is a curious and outgoing Whippet. Whippets fall into two categories: the gregarious whippets and the worried, aka shy, aka scared whippets. It depends very much on their upbringing.

Freida is a beautiful Whippet. Although Whippet have a very long and delicate nose, they are mostly sight hounds. They don’t follow their nose, they mostly follow their eyes for anything that moves. They use their long nose to cool down.

Once at the park, I saw a Chocolate Lab than wanted to play with a Whippet. He was not interested so he started running away from the Chocolate Lab. In 3 strides, he put so much distance between him and the pursuing Lab, that the Lab gave up and went to play with another dog.

Look at her muscles and their definition! There’s almost no fat. It’s great for athletes like Frieda who run at the beach, but… If she would get sick, she would have no reserve to get her though any illness.


Camera: Canon 7D ISO 100 and 1/100
Lens: Canon 70-200mm f/4 @78mm and f/6.3
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