Fred & the Ball: Vancouver, BC

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Daschund carrying his ball

Fred, a Daschund, never runs after the ball

Fred is another “attack sausage”, aka a Daschund and he’s almost 10 years old. His owner throws the ball (not too far). He kind of run to the ball. And then, calmly and slowly, he brings the ball back.

This ball is the only ball that he grabs and carries back.

His owner tried all kind of balls from tennis balls to Kongs. Fred just went to the ball, looked at it and walked back without the ball. He doesn’t even try to pick it up unless it’s one of these open ball. The other balls are not worth his work!

This started by accident, at another park. Fred saw a dog with a Hol-ee ball. It’s the same type of ball but smaller. When the other dog dropped the Hol-ee ball, Fred was waiting and stole the Hol-ee ball from the other dog and gave it to his owner by dropping at her feet. And like they say, the rest is history…


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