For Dogs Only: Vancouver, BC

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sign: pig ears are for dogs only

For Dogs Only: Vancouver, BC

I don’t know where they get these pig’s ears but they are huge. Do they use steroids or what? I use to buy these pig’s ears for one of my dogs. He loved them but after chewing on them, he had to pee about 20 times a day, actually mostly at night. At first, I was cutting them in two with my metal cutters, then I figured out that the butcher could saw them in two in less than two seconds with their band saw.

I know that some people say that I shouldn’t give my dog the pig’s ears because of the salt, the fat and all the hormones that they stuff in those pigs. But my dog loves them.

I asked one of the butcher about the “For Dogs Only” sign. He said that some people used to buy the pigs ears and boil them to eat them. Then they would come back and complain about the bad taste of the pigs ears. The owner got tired of these complaints and put up the sign:

For Dogs Only!


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