The Flying Locca: Vancouver, BC

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Jack Russell that needs to run

Flying Locca: The could be crazy Jack Russell

This Jack Russell’s name is Locca. It’s the Spanish name for crazy. Translated, it’s the “Flying Crazy”.

Her owner, Manuella, is a lady from Nicaragua who just had her baby. She has to push her stroller with one hand and throw the ball with her other hand. She told me:

Locca goes crazy if she doesn’t run or chase the ball for at least an hour and half.

Manuella C.

Jack Russells are one the best breed of dogs if you want a running companion because of their energy and endurance. People have run half marathons with their Jack Russells…

Most Jack Russell Terriers are very nice and friendly with strangers. But, it’s not a good idea of having two Jack Russell Terriers left by themselves at home, they will eventually fight over something or some time. Blood will be spelt…


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