Flat Coated Retriever: West Vancouver, BC

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flat coated retriever at the beach

Flat Coated Retriever at the Beach

He was such a nice and friendly dog. It didn’t take much to bribe him, two small pieces of a chicken and salmon mix treats. After that, he was ready to follow me to the end of the earth. I didn’t see his owner, but s/he must have been around on the beach.

Dogs can smell a treat from 20+ meters/yards away and can do an, almost full, chemical analysis of the main ingredients.

Treats are supposed to reward calmness. We are not supposed to reward excited/over-stimulated dogs. I’m really failing in that department. My dog doesn’t jump but he can stand on his back legs and walk (actually it’s more of a small jumps while standing on his back legs than a walk) while I get his treats.


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