First Encounter: West Vancouver, BC

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2 dogs meeting for the first time

2 Dogs Meeting for the First Time

This is the first time that these two dogs meet each other. How will they react to each other?

  1. There is some aggression in the dog on the right (my dog). It’s a low level aggression combined with excitement. Look at the ears, they are almost backward reducing the aggression signal of the high tail.
  2. There is a willingness from the Corgi (the dog on the left) to go nose to nose and encounter whatever will come.

Going nose to nose is not the polite doggy way of introducing dogs to each other. Corgis are usually “low aggression” dogs, this Corgi is also young, so other dogs like mine tolerate their “lack of politeness.”


Camera: Canon 7DMk2 ISO 200 and 1/800
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