Ethelbert (maremma) used to be my dog, Vancouver, BC

Ethelbert used to be my dog. He used to. I ‘traded’ him for my current dog, Dodoïte. Now, Ethelbert is running around at his new place. It’s a huge property.

The place is huge. It’s a little bigger than a mile long by half mile wide. He still manages, every so often, to escape and wonder around in the mountains. Like many mountain dogs, he has a GPS built-in. Somehow he wanders around for four or five days, and then he comes back. He still sleeps with a blind, toothless 36 years old horse, and protects him from the other horses. This is the main reason why our friend kept him (and now she almost likes him).

Ethelbert is not a nice dog. He’s more of a jerk than anything else. He doesn’t listen. He drinks the clean water, and then he pees in it so nobody else gets clean water. He steals the food from the other dogs, not to eat it but to hide it…