Eager to Play: Vancouver, BC

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dog waiting to go and play

Eager to Play, Vancouver, BC

This dog, Polo, is eager to play but he can’t. The problem is that he lives on the park. Not by the park or across the street school/park. If the owner opens the gate, it’s the park, no street to cross. The park is literally at the bottom of the stairs. I am in the park as I took this photo.

I came back another time for doing his portrait.

Since the city pounds comes regularly, the owner, Lon, would have to be there. Lon is a very nice guy and his dog, Polo, is very well trained. Lon lets his dog, Polo, go and play in the park a few times per day for 15 to 20 minutes at a time.

Usually, after about 15 minutes, Lon calls Polo back and Polo comes back! Amazing. Polo was about 3 years old when I took this photo.

Polo is very fast and sneaky. He runs faster than most other dogs. When other dog owners throw the ball for their dogs, he will also run and most of the time Polo will steal the ball. The other owners are not very happy then Lon has to get out of his apartment to get the ball from Polo to return it to the original owner.


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