Dodoïte: The Happy Dumb Corgi Look — Vancouver, BC

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dog with the dumb corgi look

My Dog When Happen

This is what I call Dodoïte’s ‘Dumb Corgi’ look. That’s when he’s happy. It’s just like a Corgi, except for his ears that are not straight up. Many people think that he’s an Australian Sheppard because of his ears. He can:

  • Put his ears up, like a Corgi.
  • Put his ears straight sideways. That’s instead of the tilted puzzled look.
  • Put his ears backward and down just like a Basset Hound.
  • He also rolls up his ears and they completely disappear when he found his prey. Not only he has found the sent of his prey but it’s also fairly close. He does it by shrinking the space at the top of his head between his ears and completely flattening his ears against his neck.

I’m convinced that he has some Corgi buried somewhere in his gene pool.

Corgi are dwarfs, aka short legs… Corgis are ‘herders’ and since they are so short, they bite, they direct people by biting their ankles. It used to be cattle but now since they live in homes so they herd people, especially children…


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