Doodle and her Feather: Vancouver, BC

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labradoodle with a feather

Doodle with a Feather: Vancouver, BC

Nikki is a 2 years old Doodle something. She found a feather and she’s keeping it.

Everybody is breeding every kind of dogs with the poodles and it doesn’t always work.

A friend of ours just lost a LabraDoodle that had too many epilepsy attacks. According to our friend, it’s quite common in these highly bred breeds. Epilepsy is when the electric current in the body doesn’t work properly anymore. The dog becomes stiff, fall to the side, legs stretched straight and rigid…

It looks like Nikki had some mild seizures. It’s always at home and they last for a seconds, then she gets up and look like nothing happened. The vet is not sure. There are some expensive medications that help but they are very expensive. The insurance is not willing to pay for it.


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