Whippet: Vancouver, BC


Whippets are like smaller Greyhounds. I still have to see an aggressive Whippet and most of them are very gentle dogs.

Whippets are skinny and need to have extra layers of sweaters and coats, not just for the winter but also for the spring and the fall.

There are hieroglyphs of what looks like Whippets from the times of the Egyptian Pharaohs. They became extremely popular in England in the later 1800s with dog racing for the people that are less than aristocracy, aka us the regular folks. Not only they can run but it’s amazing how high they can jump. I saw one that was bouncing up and down two and half meters, that’s eight feet and a whippet is about 50cm or 20 inch tall. Amazing!


The person ignored me completely, in spite of me kneeling on the ground with a big camera/lens and a dog by my side.


Camera: Canon 70D ISO 160 and 1/200
Lens: Canon 70-200mm f/4 @135mm and f/5.6
Processed with Darktable: https://www.darktable.org/