Border Collie Waiting Patiently

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border collie waiting patiently

Border Collie Waiting Patiently

This photo was taking in Whistler, BC in the middle of the day. Two dogs waiting for their owners to finish eating their lunch at the restaurant.

This Border Collie was waiting patiently for his owner to come back from lunch.

I chose to take the photo of only one dog, but you can see the leash of the second dog. She was starring intently in the restaurant. Occasionally she was barking, but not the Border Collie.

I don’t know if the two dogs were together or at least they knew each other.


Camera: Fuji X-Pro2 ISO 640 and 1/80
Lens: Fuji XF27mm F2.8 @ f/7.1
Processed with Rawtherapee 5.6: