Rubbing Herself: Vancouver, BC


The guy was watching his dog rubbing herself in the frozen grass. I don’t know what smell was there, but she kept on rubbing her face in “it”.

Often dogs will rub themselves in the urine of coyotes or in the urine of “important dogs”, aka the alpha dog.

The question is why and nobody really knows. People have different theories:

  • The dog put their own smell on the other dog’s smell. I seriously doubt this theory because usually a dog would pee on it.
  • The dog wants to take the smell of the other dog to hide who they are.
  • The dog wants to take the smell of the other dog to show that they are want to belong to that group of dogs.
  • The dog wants to make itself more attractive to other dogs and use strong smells just like us human when we are using perfume.

I’m not sure, but most of the time, my dog (a male) will pee on another dog’s pee, and that when the expression: “a pissing contest” of who pees the highest, then the other dog can’t pee on top…


Camera: Fujifilm X-T10 ISO 400 and 1/60
Lens: Fujifilm XF55-200 @200mm and f/7.1
Processed with Darktable: