Release the Hounds: West Vancouver, BC


These four Huskies are at the back of a station wagon. They are anxious to be get going and play at the beach, but they have to wait and wait… One tried to move and the dog walker made them all wait.

This guy is a professional dog walker. Are these huskies his dogs? I don’t know, he was too busy and I didn’t want all these huskies to come and ‘swarm’ my own dog to sniff him.

Are these huskies living in a house/indoor? People would need a pretty big yard to keep a pack of huskies. What about the shedding, the drooling…?

I do wonder why so many football/sports teams (especially in North America) are called Huskies or use Huskies as a mascot?


Camera: Canon 7D ISO 100 and 1/160
Lens: Canon 70-200mm f/4 @70mm and f/7.1
Processed with Rawtherapee: