A Happy Dodoïte: West Vancouver, BC


This is my dog, Dodoïte (pronounced: Dodo ïte). He’s happy. This is one of his favorite walk: Ambleside Park in West Vancouver, BC. He loves running around and sniffing the other dogs.

He hates the city. The city scares him. All the sharp noises, the people, the cars, the big trucks, the planes overhead, the constructions, the sudden moves… Everything scares him. He hates the rain, he hates the wind. Just yesterday a tree “attacked” him. He was in the middle of his pee and the tree moved to attack him. He clamped it and he didn’t have another pee for the rest of the day until this morning.

Dodoïte spent his first couple of years in a cage in a garage and I’m his fourth place. It took me a whole year to understand his number one need. It’s not the walk. It’s not the food but his number one need is protection.

For whatever scares him or worries him, I have to be in front between him and the ‘boogie man’. He may have some ‘chicken’ in him but he has tracked and attacked Coyotes that are two to three times his size!

On the other hand.

There is no better ‘house dog’. Quiet doesn’t begin to describe him, stealthy is more like it. Dodoïte never makes a noise, he doesn’t even snore. I’m in the process of teaching to bark when people knock on the door.