Whippet: Born to Run


Whippets are born to run.

Whippets used to be the runt of the litter of the Greyhounds. The nobility would order the “peons” to kill them. The “peons” almost rebelled and decided to keep them. Then the “peons” bred them together because they had such a good character and were excellent runners. They don’t eat much, they don’t take too much space and they are very happy laying on the couch or laying by the fire most of the day.

And eventually, at then end of the 1800s, the “rich people” started to get Whippets as companion dogs.

The main drawback of the Whippets is that they are so skinny. Since they have very little fat on themselves, they get cold very easily and when they become sick, they have “no reserve” to carry them through.

BTW, at the time, in the early 1800s, only nobility were allowed to own Greyhounds.


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