Dogs and Bicycles: Vancouver, BC

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dogs and bicycles

Dogs and Bicycles: Vancouver, BC

Here’s a great example of how to cycle with a running dog. You can find many other photographs of people cycling with their dogs by searching for ‘Dogs Bicycles’ in the search box.

This is Vancouver in the winter when it doesn’t rain. This was around 10am.

Notice the guy is using a BMX bike, which is usually for stunts. With these BMX bikes, the guy cannot cycle fast because it’s too small for his size, but it’s the perfect speed for his dog.

The key to cycling with a dog is:

  1. Know how to bicycle! Don’t laugh, I’ve seen many people who can barely bike by themselves and they try to cycle with a dog. Then they blame the dog for their own problems.
  2. Have a dog that understand that s/he is working. S/he’s not there to stop, sniff, pee, or look at other dogs. It’s work, it’s their work.
  3. The rider to be relaxed
  4. The dog to be relaxed

Just look at the leash and…


Camera: Canon 70D ISO 125 and 1/320
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