Another Sausage Jogging: Vancouver, BC


I have a soft spot for the Dachshunds, aka the sausages (that’s what I call them). I’m not the only one to call them this way. The more common Dachshund’s nickname is the ‘wiener dog’. The big ears and the eyes…

Her name is Charlie and it’s the female Charlie. It turns out that they didn’t know if their dog was going to be a male or a female puppy so they chose the name Charlie because it could be used for both.

Charlie is a ‘spoiled’ dog, but occasionally she has to work, like today, when I took her photo. She was not very happy to having to jog a big portion of the Vancouver Seawall. But exercise’s good… (That’s what I tell myself almost every day when I have to do my exercises)


Camera: Canon 70D ISO 640 and 1/250
Lens: Canon 70-200L/f4 @200mm and f/5.6
Processed with Rawtherapee