Another Rambo: Vancouver — Downtown Eastside


Here’s another dog called Rambo.

I know of at least four dogs called Rambo and all four dogs were named after the Sylvester Stallone’s movie filmed in Hope, BC.

BTW, two of the owners are men and the other two owners are women.

This Rambo is half Pit Bull and half Jack Russell. He has the head and the body of a Pit Bull but he has the legs of a Jack Russell.

This Rambo is very good natured, and is very easily bribable. A couple of buffalo treats and he was my best friend.

Everywhere he goes, he carries his chewing rope. What we, Rambo’s owner and I, cannot figure out is why he doesn’t chew on his chewing rope. He just carries it everywhere and he guards it. Nobody or no other dog is allowed to touch his chewing rope. Eventually the rope starts to stink, that’s when his owner replaces the rope with a new one.